Welcome and thanks for looking at the game Lords and Ladies. L&L is designed for people to socially interact with one another in the virtual world, Second Life. It is a medieval game in which you try and add more and more people to the "nation" you create. By increasing the number of people under you, your rank goes higher and higher, from Baron to Duke and eventually King (or Queen). This system is far cheaper than Bloodlines or any other game in SL and doesn't use the "undead" and drinking blood or biting people to get them to join your social circle in Second Life. Lords and Ladies is designed for fun, adventure and storytelling, indeed true "roleplaying".

There are five major nations that comprise "Lords and Ladies": Callahorn, Old Meara, the 100 Baronies, the Land of the Fey, and the Vampire Kingdoms. All are located on the "Shadow Continent of Corsica", a mirror image of the true continent of Corsica in Second Life. Your lands (barony, duchy, kingdom, etc) must be placed in one of these larger kingdoms, so choose wisely. In addition, using the webpage interface we will be designing, people can click on the link in your Lords and Ladies profile and visit your castle or home on Corisca in Second Life, if you choose to move there. Moving to Corsica reflects a roleplay aspect of the game and invites more social interaction with your fellow clan members at your "homeland" or "clan land".
Old Meara
An ancient land known for its fruits (mainly peaches) and very large crows, the land of Meara has always been ruled by the Seven Princes (or Princesses) of Meara, who are the most powerful nobles in the land. These rulers constantly change as their strength waxes and wanes and it was said that nearly anyone in Meara could be a leader, if they had enough followers. Old Meara borders the Land of the Fey and has constant conflict with denizens from that region. Its also the oldest human nation on Corsica, being the first country founded by refugees from other continents across the sea. Magicians, priests, knights, all are welcome in Meara, if you have a thirst for intrigue and conflict. Its a land with an ancient history and the leaders of this realm are guided by seven "talking weapons"; intelligent weapons that were made by an unknown diety and help them rule wisely. These weapons will be described elsewhere.
Hundred Baronies
Formed from the collapse of the old nation of Galladorn, the Hundred Baronies today is a mish-mash of cities, towns, baronies, counties, and duchies, all vying for power among each other. This human nation has no capital and the law of the land is "rule by the sword". Situated between the Land of the Fey and the Vampire Kingdoms, the Hundred Baronies is constantly being raided by these two supernatural nations, both of which are trying to keep it weak and disorganized. For now their efforts are working, their is not a single leader in the 100 Baronies that can currently rally the nation. Its also a agriculturally rich region, producing enormous amounts of grains, fruits, and animals for trade to neighboring human nations.

A vast grassland plain, the citizens of this nation are a mobile group, moving along with their huge herds of steer and cows throughout the spring, summer and fall. Most of the population winters in the Ten Cities, which lay to the south along the Southern Sea. The Ten Cities are ruled by the most popular leaders in Callahorn, and they are constantly changing from year to year. These ten cities are: Nyford, Southport, Delfos, Pizarro, Kamal, Cannistra, Bellingshausen, Wahill, Frobisher, and Calliouet. A warrior-nation, the people of Callahorn thrive on conflict and their dislike of the undead is without equal. Callahorn and the 100 Baronies are major trading partners.


Vampire Kingdoms
With an ancient history and unquenched thirst for blood, the Vampire Kingdoms are made up of the 12 most powerful (and populous) regions in the Dzur Mountain area. Leadership of the Vampire Council changes yearly as some fall from power or favor. These undead monsters also continually raid both Callahorn and the 100 Baronies, seeking to weaken both of those nations as much as possible and extend their influence into both. Nominally allied with the Fey (only the Dark Fey), vampires are a scourge on the Shadow Continent of Corsica and they hope to eventually put all humans under their rule. The Vampire Council meets in the City of the Dead (Othos), at least once per year to discuss strategy and politics.

Land of the Fey
Inhabited by a wild array of supernatural creatures, the Land of the Fey is divided mostly into Dark and Light fairies. This region teems with non-human monsters of all types: minotaurs, satyrs and fauns, faries of all sorts, orcs, trolls, and just about every and any monster imagined. The land is anarchy, with no central leadership or ruler. Convincing hundreds of thousands of monsters and fairies to follow a single leader would be a powerful act indeed. Denizens of the Land of the Fey often raid into Old Meara and the 100 Baronies for food, fun, and plain old strife. Large numbers of fairies dominate this area and huge herds of minotaurs can often be seen rampaging across the region quite often. Also, many a satyr has lured a man or woman into the woods for a midnight rendesvous; sometimes the humans would return, and sometimes not. Fairies,
especially the Dark Fey, are never to be trusted. Never under any circumstances break your oath to them for any reason because this nullifies any bargains you have made to ensure your safety.

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