Hey hey guys and gals, this website is discussing avatars in Second Life, and their lives in that virtual reality. Popularity isn't being discussed here, its whether they are good people or not (good in that they are a positive influence in SL, kind to others, etc). If you are in Second Life and don't know these guys, you should find them and friend them! They are the best people in SL in my opinion. Finally, I hope you enjoy this webpage. Maxx
Now this avatar that I am mentioning is not only one of the best in SL but he's also one of the top sexual partners I have ever seen; he's a true ass connoisseur is there ever was one. Alastair Minlneaux is from Canada and in real life has to be one of the best looking men I have ever seen. He's stunningly gorgeous, sexy, funny, and creative. He's also incredibly kind, loyal, and friendly, open to new people. There are so many positive things I can say about Alastair that I don't want to go on too long but needless to say he's one of Second Life's true hidden gems. He's one of SL best lovers, making love to your cyber-butt in a way no one else can, and making permanently sexual fantasies in your head because of his outstanding roleplay skills and super-duper sexy RL voice. He also works with the mentally disabled in RL too, marking him as a true humanitarian (and someone with a huge heart). He shares his Second Life with his partner Dru and several lovers, pets, and close friends and is an outstanding example of an excellent SL lover and loyal friend as I have ever run across. He has few (if any) enemies or weakness and you'd be lucky to have him in your social circle. Alastair is an amazing man in many ways. Overall, he's a fantastic example of a loyal friend and incredible lover in SL, a true gem and worthy of being on this Top Ten list. MUAH you big lug!

DJ Karl is another fantastic DJ in SL and I absolutely have to mention him. He's got some truly amazing music he spins, stuff you cannot hear anywhere else in the world because he does it LIVE, in Real Life, from his home state of Minnesota. In RL this huge hung lug is incredibly gorgeous, superbly intelligent, and amazingly loyal to his RL and SL friends. He also has to be one of the best looking men both in RL and SL, in my opinion. He found his RL lover (Jak) in SL and their love story is inspirational; Jak and Karl are both two very lucky men to find love inside and outside of SL. Again DJ Karl spins some of the best music in SL, stuff you literally cannot hear anywhere else. He also doesn't have a bad word to say about anyone, is immensely likable, and has no enemies to speak of, an amazing feat for someone strongly in the public's eye. Overall, Karl is one amazing dude, cool to hang out with, inspirational and super sexy at the same time, and clearly he belongs on the Top Ten Best Avatars in SL list (he's one of the best). Cheers, buddy!

Within Second Life is a very popular game called "Bloodlines", a system of werewolf and vampire roleplay that has hundreds of thousands of players and the avatar I am mentioning now is a Queen in that game. Scarlete Blackheart is an perfect example of a vampire queen in Second Life; she cares about her people, isn't consumed with the power game most vamp leaders are, and she's surprisingly egalitarian in her outlook with others, despite your soul count. She makes the Top Ten list because of her remarkable acceptance of new friends (including gays and lesbians), her willingness to mentor others in SL, and a near non-existent level of egomania (unheard of in the Bloodlines community). She and her partner Jonah head up the Bloodfury Pack, a vampire and lycan group that helps and mentors others in SL. Bloodlines is an excellent tool to network with others and Scarlete makes use of this to meet and befriend new people. How she juggles such a large number of people I do not know, but she's faithful to her friends and interesting too boot. If your in the Bloodlines game and tired of your current clan, look up Scarlete, she's a fantastic leader who will do you right and make sure your Second Life is a positive one. Scarlete's only negative, in my opinion, is she takes on too much for one person and needs to delegate better. Her exceptional friendliness and lack of power-mongering within Bloodlines makes her an highly sought after leader and therefore she makes the Top Ten Best Avatar list easily.

Another outstanding person in Second Life is AussieDJ, also known as Suzanne Bosatsu to her many gay friends. She's been in SL for more than 5 years and is an excellent example of a fag hag; she LOVES gay men, their look, their sexuality, and their attitudes and behaviors. A married woman with 5 children, Suzanne lives in Tasmania and is a fervent supporter of gay marriage. Also, she's a very successful DJ in Second Life and has a fantastic personality (and Aussie brogue). She's also a tattoo and clothing designer as well as erotic art photographer (and profile picture maker). She also knows a great deal about escorting in SL and play some of the most amazing music I have ever heard; Australia music has to be heard to be believed. AussieDJ is also a creative, loyal, funny woman who accepts people totally for who they are and is an excellent example of a true friend. She likes others, has no enemies to speak of, and doesn't bad mouth anyone (except their female leader of her own country, hee hee). Finally, Suzanne makes the Best Avatar list in SL because of her championing gay rights, her love for gay men, and her creative abilities in Second Life, which are wide-ranging. Love you, Suz!

Ahhh Joe Lycomedes, the name just ROLLS off your tongue.....and so many others places as well (wink). This avatar and the man behind it has an excellent reputation in Second Life, as an outstanding lover and gregarious fellow. He hails from the Midwest of the United States (Ohio to be exact) and he is in SL a great deal: you can find him often at Spurt Beach or Hubs. Being a awesome guy, Joe has few if any enemies and numerous friends and family, especially in Romanium at the House of Antonius. Also, one sexual encounter with Joe/Julius is enough to get you addicted for life, so be careful! WINK. In many ways, the man behind this avatar is an excellent mentor and friend and you'd be truly lucky to have him on your friends list. Out of all the avatars in SL I have met, Joe is one of the most unique and the best, and deserves to be on the Top 10 Avatars in SL. Hugs buddy!!!

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